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Consuming alcohol often can turn into an addiction while for many having a drink gives a nice feeling. Alcohol dependence can have severe consequences later in life and can even kill if the proper treatment isn't provided at the right time.

We are aware of the fact that you may experience a hard time in the bid to overcome alcohol consumption. Bearing this in mind, the Priory will provide alcoholics with a free assessment from professional therapists in all of our treatment facilities and clinics to better discuss your alcohol addiction in private. This ensures that we put your mind at ease and help you to understand that the journey will be taking you towards a positive way of life.

To help you to get your life back together, we try to ensure that you get your treatment in an environment that is conducive for healing and where you'll get all the support you need.

What Is Alcoholism As Base To Stoke

Alcoholism is classed when an individual excessively drinks and the body becomes relient on the substance to be able to function normally on a daily basis.

Your career, life, and relationships can be negatively influenced by alcohol dependence that can also destroy physically and psychologically.

The negative effects of dependency on alcohol could be alleviated through counselling and rehab.

What Is Behind Alcoholism In Stoke

It has a reason, a sign, and it can be cured and also shows all the aspects of a spreading sickness. But What Causes it? Alcoholism Develops when you drink to an extent where chemical changes happen within your brain, which augments the feelings of pleasure, which are associated with alcohol consumption and urges you to have more of a substance. Often the changes can feel pleasurable, but these positive feelings soon vanish. Someone affected by alcoholism feels forced to keep drinking to avoid the uncomfortable feelings and serious side effects when the substance is not in the body.

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Consequences Of Alcohol Addiction In Stoke

There are many misconception opinions about alcohol dependency, and this can cause a hold up in looking for help.

You may believe that not feeling so many side effects, or that your social life isn't being affected means that a dependency on alcohol is not on the cards. A lot of excessive drinkers, mainly female, develop cirrhosis and liver failure because they have built up a tolerance to alcohol that has lessened the side effects.

If you believe that you are abusing alcohol in your daily lives you should be taking a closer look at our symptoms of alcoholism section.

How Is Alcohol Dependence Tackled In Stoke

The initial step to be taken if you are considering looking for alcohol dependence support is to recognise that you have issues with booze. Thousands of people have been assisted to defeat their alcoholism completely by our network of specialist consultants with a national spread.

A no cost first valuation and a 12 months of rehab and family aid is what our individual programmes comprise of. Sobriety is a long and hard path to follow, but by adhering to the 12-step programe to alcoholic recovery, and maintaining a solid support group around you, there is not doubt that treatment towards a better life will be successful.

We use three types of treatment, which will depend on the individual and the severity of the alcoholism. They include abstinence, detoxification and rehab.

How Does Abstinence From Alcohol Work In Stoke

An organised treatment that involves different stages like what is obtainable in self-help or Alcoholics Anonymous's counselling is used when abstinence is necessary. Reducing your drinking is not the main goal, supporting you in giving it up totally is.

What Is Alcohol Detoxification Process In Stoke

The number one treatment process for people that are physically reliant on alcohol (experiencing withdrawal symptoms when alcohol is not consumed) is detoxification or medically aided withdrawal. This includes substituting alcohol with different drugs then decreasing the quantity in about five days to a week in the clinic. This can take longer if the detoxification process is done at home or at an outpatient facility. The aim of the detoxification is to reduce the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms which can result when you stop drinking. Obviously the symptoms are commonly worse through the first day or two, but gradually get better over the course of treatment.

How Does Alcohol Rehabilitation Work In Stoke

Rehabilitation from alcohol addiction will take place in many forms depending on the requirements of the individual. It can vary from getting support through self-help groups to getting intensive treatment at a rehabilitation facility. The aim of therapy is to help you understand why you started drinkings, and to help develop some other activities to do besides drinking, gradually assisting them to a successful recovery. Through your rehab experience you may be faced with a range of difficult problems and severe emotions distress.

What Does The Cage Test Mean And What It Indicates In Stoke

The CAGE test is a frequent test to understand if you are an alcoholic in alcoholism aftercare and addiction therapy.

  • The CAGE questions
  • Have you ever had a feeling that you need to reduce your alcohol consumption?
  • Have you been criticized about your drinking and did this annoy you?
  • Have you ever felt bad or guilty about your drinking?
  • Have you taken an eye opener before; drinking early in the morning to cure a hangover or to normalise your nerves?