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You should try some of these methods if you take more than 14 units of alcohol a week on a regular basis.

14 units of alcohol are equal to 10 small glasses of wine with small power or 6 bottles of average level beer.

  • Have a plan - Decide how much you're going to drink before you start drinking.
  • Setting a budget - only carry a limited amount of money for your expenditure on alcohol.
  • Tell others - So you can have their support or at least just so they know, tell those close to your about your intentions of cutting back.
  • Go at it day by day - As each day goes, minimize the amount of alcohol consumption a little bit.
  • Make each day a milestone with this approach.
  • Make your drinks smaller - the size of the drink does not matter because you can still enjoy what you are having.
  • Have the smaller glasses of wine instead or try drinking beer that comes in bottles and not pints.
  • Take lesser dosage of alcohol - Go for beers with less volume of alcohol over higher ones (ABV in %).
  • Check the bottles for details about their alcoholic content.
  • Remain hydrated - have a glass of water before you have a drink or consider alternating alcoholic drinks with a soft drink or water.
  • Consider taking breaks - have several alcohol-free days every week.

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How Cutting Back Helps After Visiting Alcohol Rehab Stoke

Cutting down will offer the following direct benefits

  • Having a better feeling at daybreak
  • Reducing fatigue during the day
  • Positive effect on the look of your skin
  • Feel much fitter
  • You may begin to stop gaining weight

Cutting down will offer the following remote gains

Temporary mind state - Hangovers usually giving delusions of persecution and sadness, and there is a powerful connection between high-risk alcohol consumption and feelings of dejection. Cutting back can also help in that, if you used to drink when feeling down or anxious, you will no longer be worsening these feelings by drinking.

Rest- Drinking impacts your sleep. Your ability to enjoy deep sleep could be disrupted, and your sleep pattern may be altered, though it may push you to sleep sooner than later. You'll likely feel more rested in the mornings if you don't take alcohol.

Behaviour - Your behaviour and judgment could be impaired by heavy drinking. You may begin to behave irrationally or aggressively when you are drunk. For frequent high-risk alcohol consumers, amnesia can become an issue in the long run.

Heart - Research has it that the heart of addicts expands with time. This condition could only be alleviated by giving up alcohol, but it is very dangerous and cannot be completely eradicated.

White Blood Cells - one of the effects of addictions is destruction of white blood cells. Infectious diseases usually attack heavy drinkers much more easily.